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The Simple Code, Real App, Cloud Software Development Channel. We will cover Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Scale architecture, and Designer to Developer workflow. Our three key principles:

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Companies Responsibilities Expertise
  • Adobe
  • Oracle
  • Netscape
  • Microsoft
  • CTO
  • Director of Product Management
  • Director of Engineering
  • Architect & Developer
  • Rich Client Technologies
  • Scalable & Future proof Architectures
  • Product & Market Strategy
  • Enterprise Sales

CEO & Principal Architect

BriteSnow, Inc

(2009 - Current)
  • Building next generation of Cloud Based Web & Mobile Application
  • Provides full development services: architect + developers + graphic design.
  • Clients: Google, Oracle, AggregateKnowledge, JobScience, Cisco.
  • More info: Dev Team As a Service



(2008 - 2009)
Responsible for overseeing the company's strategic direction for the Nexaweb technology and product portfolio which provides a platform for enterprise, ISV, and OEM organizations to build next generation Internet enterprise applications.

Director of Product Management & Strategy, Flex


(2006 - 2007)
Responsible for defining product strategy and a roadmap to held Adobe establish itself as the leading Rapid and Rich Internet Application platform provider. Involved in the AJAX communities representing Adobe's in the Open AJAX alliance.

Director of Product Management, Collaboration Suite


(2002- 2006)
  • Created and lead the suite product management group for Oracle Collaboration suite business (Email, Calendar, Files, Web Conferencing, IM, Collaborative Workspace,...)
  • Built product strategy/roadmap and validate it with Senior executives at Oracle
  • Championed the acquisition of the Jabber Inc source code for Oracle Instant Messaging enterprise solution (XMPP).
  • Lead open client strategy for Oracle Collaboration Suite. Built and proposed a synergistic business plan aiming at leveraging open source ecosystem (products, communities and user base) for the Oracle Collaboration Suite emerging business
  • 1 Issued patent: Collaborative Clipboard

Director of Engineering and Architecture, Oracle Mobile


(1999 - 2002)
  • Oversaw the strategy and positioning decisions of Oracle Wireless Server's product management team (Oracle 9i Application Server Wireless)
  • Worked with the Oracle sales force and marketing to build an effective selling strategy for enterprises and service providers
  • Built and lead an architecture team and redefined a new multi-modal (Wireless, Voice, Offline) XML language based on XHTML, XForms, CSS, CC/PP (aka: XClient)
  • Served as interim chairman of the OMA-Architecture task force, from the start of OMA until June 15 2002 (when OMA has been merged with WAP)
  • Built and lead the development teams that created Oracle Mobile Online Studio and the Hosted Mobile (Multi-Modal) Platform which allows developer to use a single browser to test and deploy wireless Web applications accessible from any mobile devices (WAP, XHTML, SMS, CHTML, XFORMS)
  • Joined Oracle as the first project lead responsible for the development of the Oracle Wireless server, Oracle9iAS Wireless, known then as 'Portal-to-Go' (Panama)
  • 4 Issued patents:

Co-creator and Software Engineer, Netscape Business Process Manager


(1997 - 1999)
  • Co-started a new Netscape product, a web-based workflow server and tool
  • Grew the team from 2 engineers to a full Engineering, QA, PMs, Support organization
  • Architected, designed and implemented an entire (Java/IFC/JNDI/LDAP based) visual workflow builder tool
  • Released versions, BPM 1.0, BPM1.1. (product now known as IPlanet Business Process Manager)
  • 1 Issued Patent: Inter-Enterprise workflow process definition based on LDAP

Software Engineer/Evangelist, Netscape Europe


  • Platform Evangelist. Educated customer about Netscape Internet Platform (DHTML, JavaScript, LDAP, Livewire, SQL)
  • Enhanced Netscape Sample applications with Netscape Directory Server

Software Developer (Intern), Microsoft Europe


Developed a Multithreaded resume file copier program for Windows NT 3.51. A powerful copier which integrated (as seamlessly as possible) into the NT's FileManager program and provided the ability to resume file transfer (NT Internal architecture, MFC/Win32, OLE/COM/OCX).