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Jeremy Chone

Building Great Software


jeremychone Jeremy Chone founded BriteSnow, Inc a high quality HTML5 development service organization. After more than 12 years of engineering and management experience from Netscape, Oracle, and Adobe, Chone decided to share his expertise with businesses to build high-quality Cloud based enterprise Web & Mobile applications. Jeremy Chone's experience brings a 360 view from modern Web and Mobile application architecture and design, from data model to Web to rich user experience.

Chone has more than 15 years of technical and business experience in major software companies such as Netscape, Oracle and Adobe where he has successfully aligned technology visions with business opportunities that deliver tangible results. In addition to a combination of technical and business acumen, Jeremy also possesses an in-depth knowledge of Cloud, Web, adn Mobile technologies, as well as holding many patents in the mobile and enterprise collaboration areas.

Prior starting BriteSnow, inc, a High-Velocity Development Consulting Company, Jeremy Chone was chief technology officer (CTO) at Nexaweb, a VC-funded software provider that offers the industry's most comprehensive application platform for mission-critical rich enterprise web and desktop applications.

Chone joined Nexaweb from Adobe Flex where he was director of product management and strategy with responsibility for defining product strategy and creating a roadmap to help Adobe establish itself as the leading Rapid and Rich Internet Application platform provider. Jeremy was also involved in the AJAX communities representing Adobe in the Open AJAX alliance.

Mr. Chone joined Adobe in 2006 following six years at Oracle, where he served most recently as director of the Oracle Open Client engineering team, focused on working with the open community to develop the next generation of cross-platform collaborative client applications. Mr. Chone had previously headed the Suite Product Management team, which defined and promoted the first two versions of Oracle Collaboration Suite. Before his appointment in the Suite Product Management team, that, Mr. Chone performed multiple management functions in the Oracle Mobile Division Group, including managing the development team that created the OracleMobile Online Studio and the Hosted Mobile Platform. As mobile architect and member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), Mr. Chone also worked on extending mobile platforms with W3C XForms to ease the development of multi-modal and occasionally connected mobile application.

Before joining Oracle, Mr. Chone spent two years at Netscape as part of the core team that developed the firm's Business Process Management server. Chone began his career at Microsoft in research and development.

Mr. Chone earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from Nottingham University in the United Kingdom. He holds a number of patents developed while he worked at Oracle and Netscape.